Residential Services

At Verdant Green Ltd we can help with all aspects of your landscape project.

Landscape Design

Plan your garden on paper.

From the most simple concept sketch to the most complex master plan and renderings we are here to help. Designing and planning your property ensures coordinated and efficient use of your resources. The design is a reflection of your taste, lifestyle and present and future needs. Our designs are tailor made to your property not reused from old jobs like other firms do.

The level of detail required depends on the timeframe for completion of the work, who will be doing the implementation and the complexity of the project. If you push on ahead without a plan you are likely to end up tearing up things and redoing them later. Even if you have had a design done before, give me a call for a free assessment of what more could be done to improve your site and highlight its strengths.


Landscape Audits

Work out what to keep in your garden.

A one off landscape audit/assessment of your property will make sure the best aspects of your garden are enhanced and the weakest aspects are rectified. It determines innovative and cost effective solutions to suit your needs. Whether you are after a makeover for summer, a tidy-up for sale of your property or a complete redevelopment we have the expertise to see it done right.

Rarely are all aspects of a garden totally wrong. Unless you have an unlimited budget consider a careful approach rather than total clearance. And make sure to live in your home and garden though a full cycle of seasons before considering major changes.



Deal with the paper trail, both resource and building consenting.

If your project needs building or resource consent support we can help you to keep your project on track. We have experience preparing consent ready plans and support documents. We regularly present evidence to council hearings and our impartial and practical approach smooths the way.

Employing a professional saves you time and money avoiding delays and frustration.


Landscape Lighting

Illuminate your vision.

Lighting your garden is as important as lighting your home. Lighting accentuates your home and landscape adding drama and showing it off to full effect. It also provides a safe and secure environment in which to live. Effective lighting completes a successful landscape project; highlighting and defining features and spaces.

With 12 volt lighting one outside power point is all that is needed to run your outdoor lighting needs. Irrigation systems and pumps can also be run off 12 volt supplies.



Keep it alive and healthy.

If you are away or just busy, it is easy to forget about your plants in extreme dry spells. For longevity, condition and growth plants need adequate watering. New systems are capable of dripping water to the root zone, turn off when it rains, fertilize or even reusing grey water. This means that they are cost effective and target water where it can do the most good.

It is disappointing when plants die, and you are landed with the cost of replacement planting and the time to get the new plants established. With hedges a dead plant can take years to fill back in. Irrigation is important regardless the size of your property. Many systems now are able to run dripper line that conserves water and reduces their long term running cost by feeding the plants roots directly.



Earthworks, building and paving.

Indoor-outdoor flow is essential in modern homes. Outdoor living works best where there is plenty of light and shelter close to your key indoor living spaces. Whether it is a deck, patio or terrace, grasspave area or a gravel court, outdoor spaces need to be proportioned appropriately to fit your lifestyle. Taste, budget and needs are no barrier when innovative solutions are used. The installation costs need to be balanced with short and long term maintenance requirements and we can talk you through the best solution for your situation.

If spaces and connections don’t function well then they will not be able to be used for multiple purposes and will have less resale value in the eyes of a new owner. Ensure materials are detailed to last, be suitable for the conditions they are being asked to perform in and match the style of your home.



Protecting your investment.

We are experienced in the following services in residential, commercial and industrial sites;

  • Maintenance schedules and budgets
  • Mowing and edging
  • Planting / replanting / inter-planting / splitting
  • Fertilising
  • Spraying
  • Rubbish/greenwaste removal
  • Clearing and one off clean ups
  • Mulching
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Hedge trimming
  • Irrigation system upgrades
  • Lighting upgrades and repairs

And remember if your maintenance costs are high it may be that a one-off re-plant, mulch or thin of your landscape will save you money in the long run. Even if you do your own lawns and gardens I would consider a quarterly clean-up to keep the less appealing jobs in check. This may include keeping on top of invasive weeds, spraying and fertilising your garden. You never have as much time for maintenance as you think. Why not spend more time enjoying your garden and less time slaving in it?


Fencing & Retaining

Screening and levelling your site to improve how it works and looks.

Where entry impact, shelter, or privacy are important; and definition or division of your outdoor spaces is vital we can advise on appropriate walls, fences and screens in keeping with your house and garden style. Heavily sloping sites are more expensive to build on, can have stability issues and are less functional. We can help you to reduce runoff and erosion by stabilising slopes and developing terraces and retaining.

If your garden is steep and unusable or open to neighbours, traffic or unpleasant views or elements it will be of little use to you and have little appeal to others when you go to sell your home.


Water Feature & Sculpture

Added touches for investment or personal expressions.

Water encourages tranquility, masks background noise and creates flow and movement, whether it is a pond waterfall, overflowing pot or fountain. Sculptures express our individual style and are an investment in your future whether they are integrated elements or relocatable sculptures on plinths or in massed planting beds.

We can source sculpture for you, or provide locations for future stages of your project.


Soft Landscaping

A green framework of trees and shrubs.

We understand the affect a hedge or tree can have in proving shelter, shade to seasonal interest. Targeted planting to improve the amenity or appearance of an entry or outdoor dining area can add real value to a property. Whether it is a makeover on a budget or a complete redesign and start from scratch; soft landscaping provides real value for money when combined with soil conditioning and garden mulching.

You need planting that looks good now and in the future with the right plant in the right place. When plants die prematurely, get quickly overgrown, weed infested, damage pipes or even worse block light or views they have likely been poorly specified in the beginning.

If there is anything else you need

don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or a referral

We provide our design services at very competitive rates compared to other companies. We are not just landscape designers but qualified landscape architects, which means a thorough understanding of everything your project needs. Of course we are happy to give free quotes and meet with you to discuss options and prices.