Landscaping Expert


A Few Words About Us

Verdant Green Limited, Landscaping Expert, provides comprehensive landscape consultative services. We have many years of combined experience and strong alliance relationships. Our drive and enthusiasm for innovative and creative landscape solutions is what defines us. We provide integrated design, maintenance, implementation, project management, and building services for public and private clients. We can assist in consenting, estimating, detailing and quality assurance on projects, public and private, small and large, simple and complex. Whether it is just a few hours advice or a full-blown design and build, we are happy to help.

We can assist you to find a suitable contractor or sub-contractor through our networks of client, supplier, contractor and consultant relationships. We pride ourselves on being able to manage stakeholder relationships and delegate effectively to sub-contractors to get the job done right the first time. We provide innovative solutions to add value to projects, and prioritise resources where they will do the most good. If you are not happy, we are not happy.

What services can we provide?

We are professionally trained and registered to assist clients with:
  • Analysis of site and environment
  • Developing alternative strategies for land use
  • Site suitability
  • Conceptual and master planning
  • Construction documents and details
  • Supervising the construction and bidding process for contractors
  • Landscape management and maintenance plans
  • Producing planting plans and specifications
  • Developing irrigation and lighting plans
  • Cost estimating and contract administration
  • Protecting environmentally sensitive areas
  • Protecting watershed and water quality
  • Solving site drainage or hydrology problems
  • Providing designs that comply with local or national regulations, codes and other statutes.

General Services

Example of ways we can help you include:

Landscape Design

We have a landscape architect to assist with species selection, plant suitability, plans, specification and scheduling. If you need tender administration we can help there too.

Consenting & Project Management

Resource and building consents, project management, site supervision and as-built drawings.

Materials Supply & Sourcing

Resource and building consents, project management, site supervision and as-built drawings.

Landscape Works

We can help with site clearance, demolition, vegetation removal, bulk soiling and mulching, soft and hard landscaping.

Audits and Management

We can help reign in ongoing costs of landscape clearance, implementation, maintenance and decommission. An audit is the best way to minimise unnecessary expense and find a way forward. We are happy to manage your project and are often brought in to do centre management especially during upgrades.